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Do’s and Don’ts for Laser Hair Removal

Do’s and Don’ts for Laser Hair Removal I took some time to write down some do’s and don’ts for receiving […]

Would You Get Botox If Kids Thought You Looked Angry All the Time?

A few weeks ago on our Radio Program we discussed a study that showed how you look (happy, sad, angry, […]

5 Big Botox Myths — Busted!

Really good article that separates fact from fiction on Botox (also Dysport & Xeomin). One item to pay attention to […]

Excessive Sweating Is Embarrassing: 3 Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options To Stay Dry And Survive Summer

We have not evaluated the MiraDry system as studies have shown it can destroy the sweat glands vs. Botox, Dypsort […]

Allure Magazine’s 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Excellent article and our comments are in blue text below Allure Magazine’s 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures New cosmetic […]

Facial aesthetics market to double by 2020

Now I know why we’re so busy…  Yes, the market especially for Botox & Fillers is growing rapidly.  As this […]

Estheticians can have a high success rate treating acne

An excellent article on the important role Estheticians play in obtaining and keeping healthy skin especially in treating acne. One […]

5 Ways Your Cell Phone Is Completely Ruining Your Skin

Some crazy new findings that might have us all thinking twice about how we use our cell phones.  On the […]

Illegal fillers can leave devastating results

One of the most shocking topics we see and hear about almost every week are the number of patients who […]

Why so many lasers & how can I get the best results?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is why we have all this technology. While most centers who […]

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