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Botox and Sweating

At we’ve been using BOTOX and Dysport since 2007 to treat patients with excessive sweat glands. The two most common […]

10 Year Photofacial Study

A new 10 year study on the effectiveness of PhotoFacials has provided some incredible information. Many times patients ask what […]

Plastic Surgery Secrets Revealed: How To Stay Young And Keep People Guessing

Lots of great information below in this article from the Hamptons.  As you will read, looking natural and not waiting […]

Women want BOTOX for Valentine’s Day

Wow… We’ve known that Valentine’s Day and indeed the month of February is one of our busiest months of the […]

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Blackheads

Excellent article below on what no one tells you about ugly blackheads. As point 7 states, microdermabrasion is an excellent […]

10 treatments your Dermatologist can do to make you look younger, faster (from Allure)

Allure just posted an excellent article on 10 treatments your Dermatologist can do to make you look younger, faster. Of […]

Young buns: Dermal fillers may actually slow aging of tissue

As you can imagine, the older a person gets, the more difficult it becomes to reverse or slow the signs […]

Anti-aging Advice for Every Ethnicity

Below is an excellent article from Allure Magazine on Anti-aging for all Ethnicities. One of the biggest reasons we have […]

Over The Counter VS. Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

Below is an excellent article I recently came across on a topic that we’ve already covered a few times. Whenever […]

Skin Anatomy and Skin Health

Very often throughout our lives we worry a great deal about our internal organs. Our heart, lungs, kidneys, & liver […]

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