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slimming body wrapThe Forever Slim Body Wrap Slimming Body Wrap Ft Lauderdale | Forever Young Medpsa

The Forever Slim Body Wrap is designed to help eliminate toxins from the body and facilitate true inch loss. Here’s how it works:   A detoxifying solution of select minerals, herbs, essential oils and nutrition rich sea vegetation, and are wrapped around the body.

Once wrapped, clients relax in our Multi-therapy Spa Bed for about an hour while their body is comfortably heated and massaged with vibration and infrared heat therapy.  This process facilitates maximum absorption of the formula and mobilization of these toxins which are released naturally through slight perspiration and elimination.   Unlike most wraps however the Forever Slim Body Wrap does not rely on fluid loss to achieve a signifcant reduction.

In addition to a true inch loss, ranging anywhere from 7-12 inches, clients report additional benefits such as smoother skin, increased skin tone/tightness, improved circulation , and a reduction in muscle and joint pain. A series of 6 monthly body wraps is suggested for maximum detoxification and inch loss results.

For more information on the Forever Slim Body Wrap, please call Forever Young Medpsa in South Florida at 954.866.7986 OR fill out our consultation request form.

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