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Gen6 Protocol Fort Lauderdale

Almost since the day we opened back in 2005 patients have been asking us for a non-surgical face lift. While some older patients may in fact still need a facelift the great news is that what was not possible back then is now.

By combining synergistic treatments & for the right patient, we have our exclusive and trademark pending “Gen6™ Protocol”.

The first changes most people notice is how much brighter and vibrant their eyes look and how youthful their complexion and skin appears.

Of course be prepared for questions like, “what are you doing” and “how do you look so good”. Then it’s “did you lose weight” usually followed by “Did you have plastic surgery”.

You can proudly say “NO” and reveal your secret or keep them guessing.

We hope you share your story but… The choice is yours…

Gen6™ Protocol

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Services used to achieve results like this include:  Dysport (3) areas, Venus Freeze, HydraFacial MD, 1540 Fractional Laser, EMatrix, IPL PhotFacials & Liquid face lift with up to 5 syringes of filler.

Total patient cost $6,700  

Total downtime – Almost Zero

No Anesthesia, No Surgery, No Recovery, No missed work, No lost vacation time & Minimal Discomfort!

Look in the mirror response – Wow

Family and friends response – Priceless!

Actual cost is dependent upon patient specific requirements for volumization (fillers) or additional areas of Dysport.  The minimum price for our Gen 6 Protocol begins at $4,300.

So.. What does the Gen6™ Protocol include?

Our Gen6™ protocol includes up to six combination FDA approved treatments/services (that will vary patient to patient) that are proven to maximize non-surgical results.

“Four core treatments are always used for every patient”

  • Dysport (3) areas
  • Liquid Face Lift – (minimum of three syringes & dependent on facial volume needed to restore lost volume)
  • IPL PhotoFacials (3 treatments)
  • HydraFacial MD (3 treatments)

We will then add in up to (2) additional services that are part of the Gen6™ Protocol based upon your specific rejuvenation requirements.

These treatments will include of the following;

Fractional Erbium 1540, EMatrix, Venus Freeze, Fractional Erbium 2940, Venus Legacy, Exilis Elite, or Dermapen 3.

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