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Radiesse Fort Lauderdale

Radiesse is the latest injectable substance available for cosmetic enhancement to fill in wrinkles and lines, and define facial features such as the nose, cheeks and cheekbones, jawline and chin. Many patients prefer Radiesse in Fort Lauderdale among the many dermal filler options we offer.

Radiesse is made up of microscopic calcium particles (hydroxylapatite) that are naturally found in bone, and suspended in a gel for injection. Radiesse is a safe material also used for dental reconstruction, bone growth and vocal cord injection and has proven to be very compatible with the body.

Unlike Collagen, Radiesse does not require an allergy test and lasts 7 to 12 months or more. Injection is very quick and convenient, with no recovery time or downtime needed.

Dr. Wigoda is an advocate for patient safety & plastic surgery standards. He offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance and refine the face, breasts, and body.

Where Can Radiesse Be Used?

Radiesse can be used for lip enhancement, to improve wrinkles in areas like the smile lines (or nasolabial folds), fix cosmetic defects in the nose, augment and contour the cheeks, enhance the chin, contour the jawline, address acne scars, and rejuvenate the backs of the hands.

Radiesse for Cheekbone Contouring

Some people are born with naturally beautiful cheekbones – many of us aren’t. But Radiesse can give you the cheeks you always wanted.

As we age, we start to lose fat in our faces, and it is often most noticeable in the cheek area. Radiesse is an ideal filler for adding volume to cheeks because it can be used to treat large surface areas in one procedure. The result of this cheek filler a healthy-looking contoured appearance common in more youthful cheeks.

Published independent studies show that a typical treatment for malar and submalar augmentation lasts approximately 18 months to two years, with an occasional touchup recommended.

Radiesse for Nasal Defect Correction and Bridge Augmentation

Radiesse offers a quick non-surgical non-invasive procedure for nasal contouring that no other filler can provide. Commonly known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, Radiesse offers a unique composition that is extremely versatile. It can build up the bridge of your nose, camouflage a hump (straightening your profile), balance an asymmetry, correct defects, and shape the nose tip.

And with this injectable filler, you don’t have to wait to see results – they are immediate and long-lasting.

Radiesse for Chin and Jawline Contouring

Radiesse™ has also been used very effectively to augment a weak chin and is a non-surgical option to a chin implant. The result is a smoother, firmer chin that complements your other facial features.

Additionally, as skin loses elasticity over time and gravity pulls facial muscles downward, the jawline is one of the most common facial areas where aging becomes apparent. Radiesse is an excellent choice to re-shape and contour the jawline and chin. The result is a smoother, firmer jawline that mirrors the younger-looking appearance of other facial areas treated with Radiesse.

I was more than happy with the results I have. Brian is amazing, his work is second to none!! I couldn’t be happier. Love the staff!!
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How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Radiesse usually lasts 7 to 12 months and beyond. According to a recent independent study comparing various facial fillers, Radiesse can last up to 18 months when used for facial contouring such as the nose, cheeks and jawline. To maintain the best results, touch-ups may be recommended after the first four months.

What Are the Side Effects of Radiesse (Radiance)?

Minor swelling is a normal side effect. In very rare cases, tiny calcium deposits may rise to the surface of the skin and appear in the form of small white bumps. If this occurs, the deposits can easily be excised and removed.

How Does Radiesse Compare to Collagen or Other Injectables?

The advantage of using Radiesse is the potential for long-lasting benefits. Radiesse will last approximately 7 to 12 months (about 2 – 4 times longer than collagen). Radiesse contains no animal products and therefore requires no allergy test prior to treatments. One cc of Radiesse can treat about twice as many areas as 1cc of traditional collagen. Radiesse is also often more natural appearing and feeling.

Radiesse Cost

The cost of this filler treatment depends on several factors. The price of Radiesse varies based on which med spa you choose for your treatment and how many injections are required to achieve your goals.

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