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Sculptra Fort Lauderdale

With Sculptra® wrinkle filler, patients can achieve beautiful, lasting improvements to wrinkles and fine lines through a simple series of three injections. This wrinkle filler treatment is ideal for individuals interested in softening the signs of aging without having to undergo periodic injections to maintain their results.

Forever Young Med Spa is committed to providing patients in the Pembroke Pines, Davie, Plantation, Hollywood, Dania Beach, and Fort Lauderdale areas of Florida with the cosmetic treatments they need to look and feel their best. Contact us today if you’d like more information about any of our treatments, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation appointment for Sculptra®.

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What is Sculptra® Wrinkle Filler?

Sculptra® isn’t your average dermal filler; instead of bringing short-term improvements to wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss, Sculptra® can provide patients with two years of wrinkle correction after a series of three injection sessions. This makes Sculptra® perfect for patients interested in achieving long-term, natural-looking corrections to the signs of aging.

Immediately after receiving a Sculptra® injection, patients are able to see some improvements in the appearance of their wrinkles and fine lines as Sculptra® pushes up and swells the skin. But these quick results are just the beginning: in the days and weeks following treatment, these poly-L-lactic microparticles gradually begin to replace collagen in the deep dermis, constructing a long-lasting collagen framework.

Because the natural depletion of collagen that occurs with age is one of the most common causes of wrinkles and fine lines, Sculptra® improves the signs of aging from the inside out.

What are the Benefits of Sculptra®?

When compared to other dermal fillers, Sculptra® brings patients longer results with little to no downtime. This product can be used to correct a wide range of both deep and shallow facial wrinkles and fine lines, including the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and chin wrinkles. And because the results of this treatment improve gradually over time, it is particularly well-suited for patients who are interested in correcting their signs of aging in a discrete, subtle way.

The Benefits of Sculptra

Sculptra’s approach is what makes it so beneficial. This is also the reason it has become quite commonly preferred by cosmetic professionals. Sculptra offers a number of advantages:

• It is a non-surgical way of treating aging signs in the skin.
• It stimulates the creation of new collagen that can bring about a fuller and more youthful look.
• It enhances the tone of the skin.
• It can help to plump out cheeks that are hollow and treat folds in the skin.
• It can treat sunken eyes.
• Its results are subtle and happen gradually over a period of time.
• Its effects last much longer than other injectable products.

What can I Expect from Sculptra® Wrinkle Filler Treatment?

Most patients must undergo between two and three Sculptra® injections, each spaced 6-10 weeks apart, to achieve optimal results. While it can take between 45-90 days for patients to see their full results, these results can last up to two years. Side effects like slight bruising, swelling, and fullness are common but usually subside within a few days of receiving treatment.



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