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RejuveLux IPL Photofacials in Fort Lauderdale

The Best Aesthetic Laser System in the world, period.

After months of extensive testing of all the newest FDA-approved technology from Palomar, Cynosure, Syneron, Lumenis, Sciton, Alma, Lutronic & Quanta, we decided on the new Cynosure Icon Laser System.

We chose the Icon system for a few key reasons;

  1. The new 1540 Fractional Erbium Laser has both an extra deep and extra fast lens array.   What that translates to are treatments that are up to four times faster, go twice as deep, twice as wide & are far more comfortable than our old 1540.  The results especially for acne scars, body scars, facial scars, skin tone/texture, and reduction of large pores are simply the best we’ve ever seen.
  2. The new Max G, Max YS & Max R IPL handpieces offer next-generation 40% better results, safety & comfort than the Starlux 500 system.  The new MaxG protocol for low-level broadband light treatments has been shown in a 10-year study to actually turn on anti-aging genes.  In this study conducted by Stanford University, it was clinically demonstrated that patients who received just (2) of these treatments per year “looked younger 10 years later than they did at the beginning of the study”!   Best of all, these treatments are very affordable and painless!
  3. “Only the Cynosure Icon” has the patented skintel meter that accurately reads the amount of melanin in a patient’s skin and automatically sets the proper protocols on the laser.   This assures a level of safety no other system can match.  It’s one of the key reasons we chose this system as patient safety is one of our chief concerns.
  4. The new 2940 Fractional Laser provides deep ablative laser treatments that remove fine lines & wrinkles (awesome for smokers lines above the lip).  Our new “one and done” protocol combines both the 2940 (ablative) and the 1540 (coagulation) into a single session treatment that offers patients about a week of social downtime with results that are amazing.

We are excited to bring this new world-class technology to our patients.  It’s amazing to have been witness to the dramatic improvements aesthetic lasers have made over the past nearly 10 years.

The staff are always courteous and helpful. My sessions progress without a problem and I feel comfortable asking questions.
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IPL RejuveLux ™ Photofacials

As we age, the skin on our neck, chest, and hands may undergo various natural and environmentally induced changes that include: fine lines and wrinkles; broken capillaries; vascular lesions; scarring; sun damage and dark pigment discolorations such as sun-induced freckles, Melasma, Rosacea, and age spots. To deal with these unsightly imperfections, the Palomar Starlux ™ Photofacial system uses AccuSpectrum ™ technology and treatment-specific handpieces for versatility, smooth pulse technology to ensure patient comfort, photon recycling for maximum efficacy, plus an integrated contact cooling system for safety. This process gently diminishes the appearance of these skin blemishes without burning the skin’s surface. The result is glowing, smooth, blush-free skin and a more youthful appearance.

For more information on Rejuvelux PhotoFacials, please call Forever Young Medspa in South Florida at (954) 866-7986.

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