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subnoviiForever Young MedSpa is proud to offer our patients the all-new Subnovii Advanced Plasma Pen Treatment for laxity improvement. Finally, non-surgical treatment to improve lax skin in and around the eyes including eyelids and even smokers’ lips.

Subnovii is the only plasma device with LF technology (Low frequency) plus a “patented wavelength and power combination” that offers unmatched comfort, speed, precision & safety.

Over 6 years of research & development and extensive testing by industry-leading third parties have made it best-in-class worldwide.

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Not all plasma is the same. Because of the unique LF technology, Subnovii offers:

  • Unmatched precision
  • Reproducible & consistent results
  • Faster healing time compared to other High-Frequency Plasma Pens
  • Bendable tip allowing for better comfort & speed for Practitioner

While Subnovii treatments are not painless, we provide sufficient numbing agents and most patients report pain levels during treatment from a 2-4 on a scale of 1-10. Downtime is a few days and mostly social as tiny black dots in the treatment area can remain for up to a week.

No other treatment besides surgical solutions such as Blepharoplasty can provide results like Subnovii, especially around the eyes.
Typical treatments to improve laxity include:

  • Facial acne scars
  • Neck & Jowell’s
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile Lines as well as “marionette” lines—which are the lines that run down the corners of your mouth towards your chin
  • Smokers Lip
  • Lower and upper eyelids
  • Various lines across the forehead
  • Other areas of the body

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subnovii before and after resultssubnovii before and after results
subnovii before and after resultssubnovii before and after results
Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons across the US have applauded Subnovii’s versatility:
“I have not found anything similar which can easily and precisely target lesions without leaving pigmentary or texture changes after treatment. It has become a staple in my practice.” – Philadelphia Dermatologist, Dr. Thomas Griffin Jr.

“Subnovii has been a great addition to our aesthetic practice. Its unique and patented LF technology creates reliable results and is especially impressive for the skin around the eyes, lips, and neck.” – Boca Raton Dermatologist, Dr. Jordana Herschthal

“Small areas can be treated in about 20 minutes, the results are fantastic, and you can carry it in your lab coat.” – Chatanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Carey Nease

Cartessa Founder Gabe Lubin – The areas surrounding the eyes and mouth remain difficult to treat and for which, no consistent, durable, predictable aesthetic treatment has taken a leadership position. We feel Subnovii plasma technology will quickly become an invaluable tool to deliver the results the market demands.

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