Platelet Rich Fibrin Gold (PRF Gold) Fort Lauderdale

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatments have become very popular over the past few years according to Forever Young Medpsa’s President & Founder Brian Sidella. Hardly a week goes by without some type of press on the benefits of PRF in treating skin conditions, facial rejuvenation, baldness & healing joints by celebrities and athletes alike Sidella stated, adding that “PRF provides a high concentration of growth factors that assist the body in healing numerous conditions naturally”.

One of the issues according to Sidella is that when PRF was applied topically, the “red” color of the PRF was hard to take for many patients. Simply put, it looked like whole blood was being applied to a patient’s face and reactions ranged from “oh gross” to some patients actually fainting at the sight of red blood all over their face.

To address this concern, Sidella looked for solutions and found a biomedical company that offered a unique process for PRF that removes all the red blood cells (which offers no benefit) and leaves behind the purest form of PRF available that Forever Young Medpsa calls PRF Gold® which like its namesake, looks Gold or Amber in color.

Brian Sidella stated that he applied for and was granted a copy-write trademark for PRF Gold® that is exclusive to Forever Young Medpsa. We’ve taken the “gross” factor out of delivering PRF to our patients so whether PRF Gold ® is applied topically with our Dermapen 3, or injected into deeper lines and wrinkles, patients no longer have any reservations about receiving the service as the color is Gold.

What is PRF Gold?

We’ve offered Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for the past four years and patients that have had this service love it because of the rejuvenating effect from the PRF.

PRF which is made from your own blood & 100% all-natural contains high levels of Growth Factors, Stem Cells & Cytokines all of which combine to help regenerate Collagen & Elastin. So what’s different???

Well, a few key changes that you’re going to love… Number one is that our new PRF system has over 75% more Growth Factors than ever before. New techniques & bioengineering have allowed for this tremendous improvement.

Next is that through a patented process we’ve found a method to eliminate the red blood cells which have no value and leave behind pure liquid gold PRF.

PRF treatment syringe

PRF Gold is an exclusive and Trademarked service only available at Forever Young Medpsa.

We have two kits. One kit is for application with the Dermapen 3 and PRF is applied all over your face and the Dermapen 3 is then used to deliver PRF into your skin.

The other kit is our large kit for injecting PRF into areas of your face that need more volume which will occur naturally in the months following your injections.

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