Forever Young MedSpa Patient Membership Program

The intention of this program is to provide industry leading discounts for patients that utilize Forever Young MedSpa for their Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetic Treatments. This annual membership provides exclusive prices delivered by the best aesthetic team in the industry using the latest FDA approved treatments. In short, the more services the greater the savings. Our best patients, those who come in regularly for Botox, Fillers, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, DiamondGlow, PRP Gold, Chemical Peels & Laser or Body Shaping Treatments can save many hundreds even thousands of dollars per year.

The monthly fee for the option A membership is just $89.00 per month and the benefits are explained below. We will ask members to renew within 30 days of their membership anniversary date and if renewed patients will receive a $100 discount on the renewal fee.

Members will also receive at no additional charge: 1 free Date night peel & Complimentary Consultations. Many centers charge upwards of $800 annually just for these services that our members receive absolutely FREE.

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin Loyalty Program

1 Area BOTOX 2 Area BOTOX 3 Area BOTOX
First Treatment Tier $259 $489 $620
Second Treatment Tier and beyond $239 $455 $589


1 Area Dys/Jeuveau 2 Area Dys/Jeuveau 3 Area Dys/Jeuveau
First Treatment Tier $240 $420 $549
Second Treatment Tier and beyond $208 $390 $527

*1st treatment is tier one and the second treatment is tier two.

Add in additional area of Botox for $169 or Dysport/Jeuveau for $142

Rules for Botox & Dysport Loyalty Program:

“Without Exception”: If patient does not return for their next Botox or Dysport treatment before the end of the 5th month from date of last service or they drop back to the first tier. To stay in the second tier patients will need to receive Botox or Dysport service a minimum of 3 times within every 15 month period. We encourage patients to return for subsequent treatments in accordance with the FDA approved protocols of every 3-4 months.

Studies have proven that in over 95% of all patients, results last from 2-4 months with the average duration being 3 months. Past this, patients will require more units to achieve the required results and thus increase cost. Our very liberal policy allows for up to 5 months in between treatments.

Touch-ups of treated areas can be provided if needed “within 15 days” of any treatment is at $8.99 per unit for Botox & Dysport/Jeuveau is $4.01 per unit. No other offers, coupons or vendor programs will be accepted for this program.

Filler Membership Details

Tier 1 – 15% off the first syringe

Tier 2 – 20% off the second syringe purchased within 1 year

Tier 3 – 33% off any additional syringes purchased within 1 year

Sculptra kit – $1,350 includes two vials of Sculptra

Thread Lifts – 20% off

Additional & Exclusive Membership Discounts

  • 20% off: Individual Facials, Frozen C & Diamond Glow Treatments
  • 20% off: Individual Illuminize, VI & Vitalize Peels
  • 20% off: Platelet Rich Plasma, Lymphatic drainage treatments, Exilis Elite Face
  • 30% off: DermaPen 3, Exilis Elite Body, Vanquish, Venus, IPL PhotoFacials, IPL Acne Treatments, All Fractional Lasers
  • 20% off FYM branded products & 10% off other products
  • 20% off prescription diet pills for weight management
  • 10%-20% off Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 10% off Laser Hair Removal
  • 10% additional discount on EMSCULPT & CoolSculpting Elite Packages
  • 10% off Virtue RF, Tetra Coolpeel and Tetra C02 packages

Other offers & discounts cannot be combined.

Forever Young MedSpa Alternative Membership B That Provides $3,403 worth of treatments per year!

Includes (4) Diamond Glow treatments per year
Includes (3) IPL PhotoFacials, Forever Young IPL Treatments or Cool Peel per year
Includes (12) Vitamin B12 or Lipo B12 Injections per year
Includes one area of Jeuveau or Dysport three times per year
Patients will begin in tier 2 for Dysport/Jeuveau and in tier 3 for fillers
All other discounts remain the same
Billed monthly at $160 per month with a 12-month minimum mandatory requirement

Please initial Membership A ___________ Membership B_______________

I accept & agree to the terms & conditions of Forever Young MedSpa’s Patient Membership Program. I understand that option A & B have a minimum & mandatory term of 12 months billed monthly on the 1st of each month. I further understand that cancellation of the membership will require full payment back to month 1 for any services rendered at our regular prices. __________ (patient initials)

Name:________________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________

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