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Why Be Forced To Choose? Only Forever Young MedSpa Offers Patients Both EMSCULPT NEO & CoolSculpting Elite For Unmatched Results!

EMSCULPT NEO     CoolSculpting Elite

Why Choose Forever Young Medspa

Message From the President:

Welcome to Forever Young MedSpa. Our goals are to provide the finest FDA approved Aesthetic Treatments available anywhere in the United States with a staff of professionals dedicated to outstanding results, patient safety and patient care. We specialize in "Natural Look" medical aesthetics to keep you looking your absolute best and have your friends saying WOW, you look incredible while guessing about what you're having done…

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What’s New?

  1. Body Contouring
  2. Facial Fillers
  3. Laser Hair Removal
  • Forever Young Medspa offers many services to trim of the "edges" and contour the body. View our Body Contouring Services...

    Forever Young Medspa is also one of the first centers in the nation to have the all-new CoolSculpting® Elite System. Learn More »

  • Looking younger through use of Aesthetic Treatments such as Botox, Fillers and Laser treatments to look & stay Forever Young is a great option.

  • We use the best laser hair removal machine on the market, The All New Motus AX Laser, to provide the absolute best services for our Greater Fort Lauderdale clients


What Results Can I Expect?

While some degree of swelling and bruising is expected after surgery, women are able to fully enjoy fuller, more shapely, proportionate breasts after the tissues have healed. Dr. Wigoda and our medical team will let you know what you can expect after surgery, when you can return to normal activities, and how to care for your incision sites.

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May 8, 2016

Alyssa P.

I love forever young med spa. I drive from Brickell to go here. I’ve done restylane silk, juvaderm, raidesse and VI peels. VI peels are so helpful with my problematic skin & my dermatologist does not offer them at their office, so I come here. The staff is very professional, polite & soft spoken. The peels & fillers are painful, at least for me, and the staff is very comforting & understanding which I really appreciate. Also they are overall affordable & offer discount packages on skin treatments. I’m very pleased I found this med spa ! I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism.

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Pellecome Certified Provider

Now offering Pellecome Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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How Does it Work?

EMSCULPT is a completely new device that is in a body-contouring class of its own. It's the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass... EMSCULPT contracts muscles beyond what is possible through physical training, yielding better muscle tone and enhanced fat metabolism.

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Say bye bye to unwanted wrinkles! 👋
This lovely patient is doing dysport on her crows, forehead, and glabella! •

Just a reminder tomorrow is the last day we are honoring our Valentine day specials! Don’t miss out on these amazing prices, check out our story for more details!✨💉
#dysport #ARNP

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Model, Actress, Playboy of the month, Baywatch Star & Mom Donna Derrico tries out EMSCULPT. For your own EMCULPT consultation and to find out more about our 5 treatments special offer please call us at 954.450.2626.
Forever Young MedSpa - Build Muscle, Lose The Fat & Keep The Curves!

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Are you tired of hiding your legs due to spider veins? Hide no longer! Get your summer body ready! ☀️👙

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that eliminates varicose veins aka “spider veins”. This patient has done 4 treatments in the past 3 months!
Any questions? Leave a comment below ⬇️ or message us! Book your appointment now with Sandra, PA-C ✨

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We’re bringing booty back! 🍑

Sculptra is a non-invasive Brazilian butt lift procedure. The best part about it is there is NO downtime! This patient was so relaxed she fell asleep during the treatment! 🤣
#sculptrabuttlift #BBL

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Introducing Allergan DiamondGlow.  Available now at where else, Forever Young MedSpa.

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Happy #ValentinesDay!
#ForeverYoungMedSpa #ForeverYoung #CooperCity #PineIslandRidge #PembrokePines #HollywoodFlorida

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Phrases you will no longer be hearing during Motus AX Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Treatments only at Forever Young MedSpa. Holy Shite that hurts... Mother of Pearl, I frigging thought waxing hurt....This is worse than waterboarding... I'd rather fall of my damn motorcycle riding naked with head to toe road rash than do this again.... Y'all ain't going nowhere near my bikini line unless you knock me the hell out... John, go get my bat cause I'm about to go postal on this laser... Take off those damn earphones. You wanted me to do my bikini so you're going to listen to every scream baby & next we doing yours... No need to experience any pain with the Motus AX. Call us at 954.450.2626 and not only will you experiece less pain you will also save 50% or more from what those chain centers offer.

So... You can come over to Forever Young MedSpa or... go somewhere else and be a potty mouth!

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Get your kissable lips for Valentine’s Day! 💋 💉

We have our Valentine’s Day specials going on! Book an appointment now to lock down our special Valentine prices! ♥️ #restylane

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BOTOX Cosmetic has been used in the USA therapeutically for more than 17 years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It is approved in more than 75 countries and remains the most-studied botulinum toxin and one of the most widely researched medicines in the world.

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Face: Laser hair removal for unwanted facial hair is common and you shouldn’t live another day with unwanted facial hair. It can be a detriment to your self-confidence and overall self-image if you have unwanted facial hair.

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Palomar Starlux ™ Photofacial system uses AccuSpectrum ™ technology and treatment specific handpieces for versatility, smooth pulse technology to ensure patient comfort, photon recycling for maximum efficacy, plus an integrated contact cooling system for safety. This process gently diminishes the appearance of these skin blemishes without burning the skin’s surface.

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