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Laser Hair Removal Fort Lauderdale

We use the best laser hair removal machine on the market, The All New, “GentleMax Pro™” to provide the absolute best services for our Greater Fort Lauderdale clients

As the world leader in light-based aesthetic technologies, Syneron-Candela continues to set the standard for innovation and performance.

As the world leader in light-based aesthetic technologies, Syneron-Candela continues to set the standard for innovation and performance.

The Pro Advantage: Faster, More Comfortable With the Best Results Possible

After a year-long investigation of all the new laser hair technologies, the wait is finally over. Introducing the all new “GentleMax Pro™”.

The GentleMax Pro™ is an integrated aesthetic laser platform offering more power and versatility than any other multi-wavelength device. The GentleMax Pro™ is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines a fast and powerful 755nm alexandrite laser for lighter skin types and an equally powerful 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for darker skin types. The GentleMax Pro™ treats all skin types with gentle, effective and safe hair removal.

Superior Epidermal Protection

One of the principal reasons we selected the GentleMax Pro™ is because only this system uses a patented technology called Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) that utilizes bursts of cryogen (a cooling spray) before and after the laser pulse. This unique systems offers both unparalleled epidermal protection and is the most pain free laser for laser hair removal we’ve ever experienced.

GentleMax Pro™ has raised the bar
in performance, design and reliability.  Having the two best lasers for hair removal in a single machine has revolutionized Skin Procedures.   On average most patients will now only need 4-6 treatments to achieve maximum hair reduction.

The GentleMax Pro™ Treatment System
Not Just for Hair Removal

The GentleMax Pro™ laser features dual wavelengths technology and provides permanent hair reduction on all skin types but that’s just the start of what this system can do!   The GentleMax Pro™ offers treatments for vascular and pigmented lesions, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening with an epidermal cooling system that’s patented, unique and second to none both in terms of results and patient comfort. The GentleMax Pro™ can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

  • Hair Removal
  • Facial & Leg Veins
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Sun Damage and Age Spots

Some Wisdom on Laser Hair Removal

Fort Lauderdale Laser Hair RemovalDid you know that since 2005 we’ve performed tens of thousands of laser hair removal treatments?

We’d like perspective patients to understand that Laser Hair Removal is a “Medical and not cosmetic treatment”. Proper training, protocols, and certification are required.

There are six different medical skin types from pale to dark brown and black with many variances even in between the different skin types.   No one laser can treat all the different skin types and many of the complications we see from other centers are from using the wrong laser on darker & lighter skin types.

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As an example, using a YAG laser on a lighter skin patient will result in very poor results while using an Alexandrite laser on a darker skin patient can result in burns. All our Laser Hair practitioners are licensed CME’s and State of Florida Laser certified and are under the direction of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

In addition and unlike many centers we have a Nurse Practitioner on site for any required prescription medications that may be required either pre or post-treatment. We can remove hair from your lip, chin, underarms, shoulders, lower legs, upper legs, thighs, bikini area, chest, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, fingers, toes, groin or just about any area of the body. We know there are many options for Laser Hair Removal.

Are there laser hair removal side effects?

We want our patients to understand that even though Laser Hair Removal is very popular it’s still a Medical Procedure.    As such it requires the training & skill of the medical practitioner and also requires an investment of a few hundred thousand dollars in equipment to treat all the different skin types.

We see many patients from other centers with laser burns and poor results from being treated with the wrong laser or from someone that’s inexperienced or worse not properly certified to operate a laser.

If you had purchased packages at American Laser Center or any of the other twenty plus centers that have closed their doors, we will do our best to help so please give us a call.

Trust your results to the team that’s been recognized by the readers of the Sun Suntinel as the Best Cosmetic Center in Davie & Cooper City for five consecutive years in a row.

Laser Hair Removal Cost & Pricing Comparisons

Comparing Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Waxing & Shaving Costs

Hair Removal Electrolysis Waxing Shaving
Area times/yr $/year $/5 yr times/yr $/yr $/5 yr times/yr $/yr $/5 yr times/yr $/yr $/5 yr
Underarm or Bikini 6 $1,750 $1,750 15 $675 $1,350 12 $300 $1,500 365 $500 $2,500
Legs 8 $2,000 $2,000 20 $5,250 $15,750 12 $420 $2,100 156 $250 $1,250
Back 8 $2,000 $2,000 20 $6,234 $18,700 12 $540 $2,700 52 $160 $800

*Electrolysis is permanent, so it doesn’t require a full five years. Facial hair removal electrolysis numbers based on rate of $45 per session for two years. Leg and back electrolysis based on 3 years of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Comparison

Hair removal should always be looked at as a long-term investment especially when advanced technology is involved. Waxing and shaving appear to be less expensive initially, but what you pay each month will continue to add up over time. When you add in the annoyance, time and nicks and cuts of the constant repetition required, those methods can’t even be put into numbers.   As an example, if you shave your legs & underarms every 3 days you will spend about 40 hours per year just shaving.   If you shave every day then you will spend on average 120 hours per year. Laser treatments, meanwhile offer permanent hair reduction meaning fewer and sometimes zero need for additional maintenance.

So, when evaluating different methods try to compare laser hair removal costs in terms of years and decades instead of weeks or months.

What are the most common types of laser hair removal treatments we see?

For women, constantly having to shave, wax or pluck your unwanted hair can be costly, annoying and time-consuming. With laser hair removal from us, you can save your hard earned money and your time. We see women come in and get hair removal for these common areas.

Face: Laser hair removal for unwanted facial hair is common and you shouldn’t live another day with unwanted facial hair. It can be a detriment to your self-confidence and overall self-image if you have unwanted facial hair. Treatments to remove unwanted facial hair with our laser can be quick and with a series of treatments, you can experience lasting results.

Underarms: Laser hair removal for your underarms can save you tons of time shaving in the future. The treatments for this area are quick and you can have the lasting results with smooth underarms in no time with treatments from our trained and certified laser technicians at Forever Young Medspa.

Bikini Area or Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Bikini laser hair removal is common and a more bare look is popular today. Also, it can save you the pain of shaving or waxing an area of the body that can be a bit awkward and painful to remove unwanted hair from. Bikini line treatments can be extremely cost effective for you and comparable to waxing alternatives.

Legs: Laser hair removal treatments for legs is common and these treatments tend to take a bit longer, because the treatments must cover a much larger area as a whole.

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