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Miracu PDO Threads

Next Generation FDA Approved PDO Threads

What Are Miracu PDO Threads?

Miracu PDO Threads are next generation FDA-cleared, absorbable surgical sutures called PDO Threads that provide more lifting strength & longevity then earlier generation threads. The Miracu PDO thread lift is a treatment involving the use of polydioxanone (PDO) surgical sutures that are inserted under the skin providing a smoothing and lifting effect in the face, neck, forehead and a number of other areas in the body that fillers alone cannot accomplish.

How Do PDO Threads Work?

Miracu PDO Threads are inserted into the desired area providing the patient with an immediate skin lift. As the threads dissolve in a natural manner over a course of several months, new Collagen & Elastin is produced in and around the treated area which maintain the lifted area. The Miracu, PDO Threads slowly break down over about 240 days. Thereafter, they are converted into water and carbon dioxide, and is fully absorbed without any residue, through a process known as hydrolysis. The result is a non-surgical lift with little downtime that generally lasts 18-24 months. Most procedures take less than one hour! In most cases, Miracu PDO threads will be combined with fillers to help achieve proper volume.

Not All PDO Threads Are Created Equal – Miracu Advantages Include:

  • FDA-Cleared with approved FDA 510K Number – K172602 To receive this FDA designation, Miracu PDO threads were subject to a rigorous three-year evaluation process to meet more than 90 validated requirements including extensive biocompatibility testing to ensure none of the materials are harmful to patients’ when embedded.
  • Individually packaged PDO Threads assures sterilization and patient safety
  • Miracu is the World-wide leader in needle technology
  • Flexible needle provides less tissue trauma & bruising
  • Widest selection of threads on the market for all face, neck and body types
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